Limited Series: Russia Land of the Tsars

Limited Series: Russia Land of the Tsars, USA

Limited Series: Russia Land of the Tsars w telewizji


Opis programu

Russia--it is a country that has experienced centuries of despair, innovation, revolt, and endurance. This four-part series begins with Russia's ancient roots as Scandinavian people cross the Baltic Sea and establish cities and trade routes as far south as the Black Sea. Through interviews with top historians and voice characterizations, Russia's most charismatic leaders will be brought to life; from its first Czar and unifier, the horrific Ivan the Terrible, to Peter and Catherine who shaped and defined this frozen empire's identity. We'll examine Russia's defining moments--the compelling saga of the Romanov dynasty; Napoleon's disastrous invasion, which effectively ended his dreams of a worldwide empire, and the industrialization that set the Empire on its fateful path to revolution. This series will conclude with the country coming full circle as it returns to its sole ethnic homeland after one-hundred years of communist rule. Today, it is experiencing a re-awakening of its religious and social roots, and a re-convergence of its cultural past with an uncertain future.


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