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Wielka Brytania 2016

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  • As Amelia Havisham prepares for the wedding of the year, Arthur realises he is the only one who can save her... but will he speak up or take the coward's way out?

  • Matthew Pocket begs Amelia to delay her wedding but will she listen? At the Bumble's workhouse, it's the day of the inspection. After all their preparations surely nothing can go wrong?

  • Bucket begins the unpleasant task of bringing the murderer to justice. An unexpected visitor gives Arthur hope that he may still prevent his sister's marriage.

  • Inspector Bucket discovers a vital clue that has been under his nose all the time, but he may yet be dissatisfied by the case. Can Compeyson talk himself out of his situation?

  • Dramatic events bring Frances and Honoria closer than they have ever been, but both of them are forced to make decisions that will change their lives forever.

  • Bucket's detection skills are questioned when another body is discovered and a new Inspector joins the force. Hawdon makes a discovery about Frances which devastates Honoria.

  • The hunt is on for Dodger and Bucket uses everything in his power to track him down, but will Bill Sikes and Nancy come to his aid? Compeyson offers Arthur a deal he can't refuse.

  • Honoria comes to terms with losing Hawdon and is stunned to learn of Amelia's engagement. As a surprising discovery shocks the Barbary family, Bucket tries to keep Fagin in prison.

  • Circumstances prevent Compeyson from attending an important meeting with Amelia, and her obvious success means he is forced to take drastic measure to keep her interest.

  • Honoria faces up to the reality of her father's situation - will she throw everything away to save him? Bucket's patience is finally rewarded.

  • Arthur's drinking nearly gets the better of him and Compeyson is forced to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, while Bucket gets a major new lead.

  • Already facing ruin, Edward Barbary's situation gets worse when Scrooge demands that his loan is repaid. Amelia is devastated by the loss of Jip but surprised by Compeyson.

  • Will Arthur find the courage to confide in Matthew Pocket before Compeyson continues his plan to rid Satis House of his rival? Edward Barbary comes into the sights of Inspector Bucket.

  • A potential rival at Satis House gives Compeyson cause for concern. When a drunk prank goes dangerously wrong, Arthur realises the lengths to which Compeyson will go to achieve his aims.

  • Bob Cratchit fights to clear his name and get home in time for his daughter's wedding but the evidence is stacked against him. Compeyson's behaviour leaves Amelia confused but intrigued.

  • Compeyson goes to desperate lengths to make Miss Havisham notice him, and Martha Cratchit's wedding plans are thrown into turmoil by an unexpected knock at the door.

  • At the Havisham New Year's party, Amelia is delighted to see her brother but perturbed by the arrival of an uninvited guest. Frances rekindles an old friendship but hopes for more.

  • Bucket goes to see his old enemy Fagin as he is convinced that he is somehow involved in the grim crime. Could Fagin's henchman Bill Sikes and his wooden cosh hold a valuable clue?

  • The news of a murder filters through the Christmas day celebrations, and Inspector Bucket begins his investigation. At Satis House, Amelia Havisham's mysterious rescuer appears again.

  • It's Christmas Eve, and Amelia and Arthur Havisham gather to hear the reading of their father's will... but their lives are left in turmoil by its contents.


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