- Odcinek 63 (Sezon 3) : Rosemary's Gravy

USA 2021


Streszczenie odcinka

Butler Tom must clean the manor's chimneys, but first he must get around a defiant birds / Tom is transformed into a spider monster, and only Jerry Van Mouseling can outsmart this catty crawly fiend. / Tom and Jerry help a runaway champion horse become competitive again. / Tom and Jerry and the gang is stuck at home with Ginger's mom Rosemary, who makes the gang eat super healthy, much to everyone's dismay. / Tom and Jerry detectives work on a case where they must transport a precious egg on a train, and protect it from several people who want to steal it for their own. / Tom and Jerry work with a very hungry pig to hunt for truffles. Director: Darrell Van Citters,.

  • Czas trwania: 5 minut
  • Gatunek: Cartoon series

The Tom and Jerry Show w telewizji



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