- Odcinek 54 (Sezon 4) : Polar Excess

USA 2021


Streszczenie odcinka

Tuffy and Jerry pretending to be butterflies prank Tom and cause all sorts of trouble in the house. / Tom and Jerry become obsessed with the contents of a wrapped package and go to extraordinary measure to find out what's inside without being caught by Rick and Ginger. / Jerry helps a Leprechaun retrieve the pot of gold that he's lost to Tom. / Tuffy surprises Jerry with a visit from the actor who plays his favorite TV show character The Masked Mouse. / A bouquet of flowers causes Tom no end of trouble. / Tom and Jerry have to contend with a baby polar bear that has been mistakenly delivered to Rick and Ginger's house. Director: Darrell Van Citters,.

  • Czas trwania: 5 minut
  • Gatunek: Cartoon series

The Tom and Jerry Show w telewizji



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