- Odcinek 19 : The Bed of Nails

Wielka Brytania 1986

The Minister finds himself in a bit of bind when an army officer tells him privately that British-made weapons are finding their way into the hands of Italian Red terrorists. Hacker is very keen to do something about this and despite Sir Humphrey's view that this is not their problem, decides to inform the Prime Minister. The PM's office doesn't want to hear about it but the Minister has now painted himself into a corner as the only member of the government who knows about this situation. Bernard Woolley's suggestion of using the "Rhodesia Solution" provides him with an out. The Minister yet again finds himself in it when the Cabinet Secretary and the Prime Minister's senior advisor con him into taking responsibility for developing a national transportation policy. The whole thing has been tried before and with little success. Sir Humphrey is aghast that the Minister took this on without first discussing with him and at the first meeting of officials, the Minister also realizes that he has made a grievous error. Their first attempt to rid themselves of the commitment fails but their second attempt proves somewhat more successful.

  • Czas trwania: 30 minut
  • Gatunek: Comedyserie

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