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Murder In Malaysia - Sirul Umar Speaks, MAL

A 101 East exclusive with a man convicted of Malaysia's most controversial murder after his surprise release from 9 years detention in Australia.

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Asia and the Pacific is the world's most populated region with plenty of stories to tell. 101 East is a multi award-winning Al Jazeera weekly television programme that produces in-depth investigative documentaries and highlights major current affairs.

From Al Jazeera network, 101 East is a groundbreaking series of investigative documentaries, exploring hard-hitting, controversial stories across Asia and the Pacific, providing a voice to unheard citizens of this region. Winning numerous plaudits and accolades, such as a Royal Television Society award, human rights awards and three Emmy nominations, the show sends journalists into the world's most populous region to examine and expose stories of injustice and social disparities. Across the continent, examples of discrimination, inequality and oppression are pursued and perused, with 101 East helping to give the silenced a platform to speak.


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