Meet the Frasers

Matt, Queen Of the Ball, USA 2020

American sitcom series. Follow the humour, heart and hi-jinks of Rhode Island celebrities Matt Fraser and Alexa Papigiotis and their eccentric extended families.

  • Czas trwania: 21 minut, Gatunek: Reality-Soap

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  • Jutro 06:30 Odcinek 2 (Sezon 1)

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  • Jutro 21:00 Odcinek 1 (Sezon 1)

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  • Anthony Ciolli jako Self
  • Sharon Ciolli jako Self
  • Maria Fraser jako Self
  • Matt Fraser
  • Rod Fraser jako Self
  • Angela Frazer jako Self
  • Alexa Papigiotis
  • Ava Papigiotis jako Self


  • Josh Belson Montaż
  • Adam Daroff Montaż
  • Derek Kicker Montaż
  • Justin Milaski Montaż
  • Alex Baskin Producent
  • Mark Burnett Producent
  • Laura Chang Producent
  • Brian McCarthy Producent

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Opis programu


Matt and Maria's parents' move back to Cranston bringing back some haunting memories for Maria. Alexa is concerned Matt will overshadow her in the big fashion show, but she has a bigger problem to contend with when the moms show up.

American television sitcom. Psychic Matt Fraser and his pageant queen girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis are local celebrities in their hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island. Matt's intriguing live readings are growing more popular than ever, and the pair envision great things for their future. Despite Alexa supporting Matt on his tour spanning across the coasts, she has big dreams and aspirations of her own, eyeing the next pageant win and setting sights on a beautiful engagement ring. The couple are definitely on the rise, however they have their overly involved families constantly getting in the way. Matt and Alexa can always count on their families for advice and support - even when they haven't asked for it.


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